Wellness Influencer Interview: Ina Bajaj // Renee Naturally
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Wellness Influencer Interview: Ina Bajaj

Ina is the Managing Director of East Day Spa, Australasia’s premiere spa company with locations in Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington and Bali.  She's also recently founded the stunning Spring Spa concept in Queenstown, Auckland and shortly, Bali! This divine being certainly knows how to create spaces that honor and indulge one's body in a wide array of traditional therapies. Meet Ina, this week's wellness influencer taking the zen experience across the world...

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What does ‘living naturally’ mean to you?

It means surrounding myself and indulging all my senses in the abundance of nature. This takes full force for me when I am home at East Residence in Bali.  There, I am immersed in visually stunning tropical rainforest landscapes, sounds from the water of the river, flavours of ripe, luscious tropical fruits bursting with juice.  High humidity in Bali means I keep my skin, make up free but moisturised.  Living naturally to me is being able to relax, read a good book in the sun whilst being surrounded by quality and beauty in your own slice of heaven.

What does a typical day in the wellness world look like for you?

My days can really vary depending on which spa location and country I am in.  I focus on having a great start to each day. When I’m based in Bali, my day starts at 0500, I’m fortunate enough to have an abundance of fresh fruit like mango, mangosteen and longan with fresh coconut water for breakfast.  I spend an hour in the office as its 0900 NZ time, followed by a sunrise walk or swim at the residence infinity pool.  When I’m in New Zealand, I always start my days with a hot glass of water and juice from a quarter lemon followed by a bath with rich aromatherapy oils or magnesium salts.

Although most of my day is spent working, I like to have balance and ensure I allocate time daily on activities that enrich me, and the people I surround myself with.  I love finding bliss in everyday things like reading a good book on my couch by the fire, a walk around St Heliers and the bays with my dogs, dinner with friends or family.

What are your top 3 tips for staying fit and healthy?

  1. Consciously commit to spending part of your day outside, satisfy your visual senses with a walk around the seaside or in a park.
  2. Massage – there is nothing like a good full body massage with quality oils to soothe tired hard-working muscles and give clarity to a busy mind.
  3. Fun, friendships and laughter.  I firmly believe to be healthy and happy, you must surround yourself with people you like being or working with; have fun and laugh as often as possible.

In a nutshell, what’s your food philosophy? 

Eat fresh as much as you can.  In Bali, we have the luxury of a chef and personal cook and there is plenty of  fresh tropical fruit and produce.  You feel so much lighter and healthier when you eat clean. I avoid fizzy drinks and prefer freshly squeezed juices; I am currently obsessed with coconut water, even out of the bottle.

What do you do to ‘reset’ the balance button when life gets a bit hectic? 

I leave my everyday routine and escape to a new environment.  I am fortunate to have luxury spa businesses operating in different countries, so when I need to recharge I can remove myself to another country and operation.  My most recent journey was to Kenya, my birth country.  I thrive on being taken out of my comfort zone, over there, you’re a guest in the animal kingdom; everything you’ve been programmed to do goes out the window.  There is nothing like the sights and smells of this wild, beautiful land, adventures on the Sand River in the Maasai Mara to recharge your being.

We’re all about balance around here…What’s your biggest indulgence? 

I have a background in hospitality so I love eating out, fine dining, fine food, superb service.

What healthy snacks might we find on your desk or in your handbag?

Organic tamari almonds, pistachios and raw energy snack balls.

Can you share with us your top two pieces of advice for people wanting to start a career in the wellness industry?

Firstly, be committed, you must be able to live and breathe your business.  The entrepreneurial journey means you cannot shut off after 5pm or even the weekends.  It takes hard work to get you there but the rewards are great.

I believe passion is the biggest motivation.  A journey in the wellness industry is fuelled by love and passion for the industry.

Do you have a favourite affirmation or quote you remind yourself of when life throws you a few challenges? 

You’ll never be as young as you are NOW.  Carpé diem.

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