Conscious Beauty Edit for Plastic Free July
Over the past year and a half, I've been on a personal crusade to reduce as my family's plastic use and consumption as much as possible. I thought we were doing fairly well with... (read more)
Green Travel Tips - Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Travel
Thank you to New-Zealand based freelance writer, Harper Reid, who has written the following article for the blog this month. I'll be taking on board many of these tips for my... (read more)
Wellness Influencer: Danijela Unkovich, Renee Naturally
I've always been impressed with nutritionist Danijela Unkovich's simple, realistic approach to healthy living and her authenticity - she's the real deal and truly lovely to boot!... (read more)
Wellness Influencer Interview: Abbylee Bonny
Abbylee Bonny is one of those babes you meet whose energy is totally infectious. She's a high-vibin' yet totally down-to-earth yoga teacher, wellness retreat host, Mama to little... (read more)
Emma Peters, Wellness Influencer
Meet Emma Peters...a lady who truly knows her stuff when it comes to holistic beauty!  She's an organic makeup artist + director of Belle & Sage, the gorgeous online conscious... (read more)
Black Lotus Float Studio Review
I was recently invited to try a float session at Black Lotus Float Studio and to be honest, I really had no idea what to expect. I’d heard it is uber-relaxing and therapeutic for... (read more)
Wellness Influencer Interview: Ashley Hunt
Ashley & I met for a juice date on her recent visit to NZ & I left with a total calm-crush on this lady. She embodies what she practices as a mindfulness & meditation... (read more)
Wellness Influencer Interview: Claire Robbie
Claire and I first met in drama school in our teens when we were both cast in an 18th-century play where we donned Victorian attire & gave cockney accents our best shot. Fast... (read more)
Wellness Influencer Interview: Rose-Marie Swift
Rose-Marie Swift is a legendary makeup artist to the stars, founder of non-toxic, healing makeup line RMS Beauty & acclaimed change-maker/whistle-blower in the natural... (read more)
Wellness Influencer Interview: Lauren Willmot, Renee Naturally
Before Nutritionist & Naturopath, Lauren Willmot fell in love with natural therapies, she was your "typical work hard, play hard kind of girl who lived off sugar, booze and... (read more)