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Dr Morgan Edwards (MBBS, BSc Hons) is a qualified Medical Doctor working as an Anaesthetic Trainee in Auckland, returning home recently after 6 years of training in Australia. Her experience in the Australian healthcare sector in both primary and tertiary medicine has enabled her to broaden her skill set to include all areas of medicine, from primary preventative health to trauma and surgery to Intensive Care and Anaesthetics.  

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This journey has lead Morgan to become passionate about holistic healthcare, and her patients making informed decisions about their own health. Morgan advocates for her patients to seek as much information as they can about issues surrounding their health and their families’ health, and believes in her patients consulting a wide array of specialists – including Naturopaths, Medical Herbalists, and Medical Practitioners.

Prior to studying Medicine, Morgan undertook a Bachelor of Science where she studied pharmacology, physiology and environmental science – giving her an understanding of the way in which all medicines (pharmaceutical and natural) interact with the body, and also a marked appreciation of the earth’s environment.  Morgan is driven by her passion for organic living and in an attempt to minimise her ecological footprint, she and her husband are proud local consumers – sourcing as many of the products in their home from within 100km of where they live as possible, as well as cultivating their own fruit and vegetables. With an undying love for cooking (preferably with a glass of local, organic wine in hand) and travel, this down-to-earth doc, lives and breathes balance.