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Vintage Fashion - It's Eco & Available Online

When it comes to eco-fashion, you don’t necessarily have to think bamboo, organic cotton and hemp to be green. Vintage shopping, one of the best ways to find awesome one-off pieces is pretty much where it’s at for keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.

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Although I could never totally give up buying brand new, when you think about the processes that each garment goes through just to get from the cotton field to the store, it’s a pretty scary thing. The energy and fuel consumption from the machines, to the manufacturing, transport and packaging is astronomical, not to mention the amount of waste that’s produced in the process.

So when you think about it, getting your fashion fix from a pre-loved piece is one of the best ways of doing your bit for the planet (and your wardrobe). When buying second-hand not only are you likely to score yourself a bargain but you’re saving the life of a garment that could well have ended up on the trash heap. Essentially, you are recycling someone else’s past love and making it your own, at zero cost to the environment.

What’s more, wherever you happen to be in the world, you can pretty much guarantee finding a second-hand store or vintage boutique around the next corner. Some of the best op shops are in the smallest towns, so when road tripping it really does pay to factor in some shopping time. $2 Fill-A-Bag does exist, you just have to leave the big smoke to find it.

And don’t forget to check out some of the online boutiques too. If the local Sallies has been well and truly picked through, there’s a whole world of vintage bargains right at your finger tips, just waiting for a second lease of life.

Here are some of my personal faves:

Gary Pepper Vintage

There would be no-one I’d rather have scout the coolest vintage finds for me than Nicole Warne, founder of GPV. She’s got amazing style, sources all her vintage pieces from around the world and has an amazing blog within the site to document all her incredible outfits.

Grandma Takes A Trip

Anyone who’s stepped foot in a Grandma Takes a Trip store knows this is the place to come for incredible vintage clothing and accessories. It’s always a must-visit for me whenever I’m in Sydney so being able to surf their wares from the comfort of my couch is very dangerous indeed…

Peachy Keen

As with most vintage stores, Peachy Keen have pieces coming and going on a daily basis so if you’re after something in particular you can email the team and they can help you find what you’re looking for (and shipping is free!) So while the online store doesn’t show everything they have in stock, if you get a chance to check out the Auckland city shop it is definitely worth your while.

Some Like It Vintage

Veronica, the owner of Some Like It Vintage has pledged to donate 10% of all sales on the site to women’s shelters to help stop violence against women, after suffering through her own traumatic experience of being tortured and beaten by her then fiancé. A worthy cause and an amazing woman sharing her love of vintage and passion for helping others. 


I've been trying to remember the name of the best vintage store I went ot in Sydney recently and this reminded me, Grandma Takes a Trip (cool). Didn't know that they sold online either..uh oh, this could be bad for me ;) Love your blog thanks

It's great huh? I always slip in there when I'm in Surry Hills..dangerous for me too! I've never bought anything vintage online either but Lucy uncovered some goodies that I've got on my radar now....uh oh x

Cool stuff...just curious, what's 'Sallies'?

Hi Sofia - 'Sallies' is slang for 'Salvation Army' which are op shops/charity thrift stores. Heaps cheaper than some of the better vintage stores, but you really have to search through the stacks of stuff to find the gems (and often they have already been found!) x

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