Renee Naturally
Renee Naturally

Renée is the kindest, most gentle &
friendly being, who always makes time for
absolutely anybody who asks.


Having struggled with M.E. for a long time, I recently started a treatment program with Renée. From dealing with her own health issues, she brought a sense of understanding that I haven’t had from any other practitioner. Renée gave me a very considered, knowledgeable and practical approach to my treatment and I feel that she has set me on the path to better health. I will continue to work with Renée and would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their well-being.

Cameron, Auckland, New Zealand

Renée provided me with some great information to assist my son with his allergies.  She provided in depth product information and ensured she had all the relevant information prior to proposing a natural remedy.  The results were fantastic and from being almost housebound due to severe allergy reactions, he was able to live life as any normal teenage boy would.  I am fierce when it comes to my children and Renée was brilliant in all that she did from consultation to provision of information and then supply of an amazing natural remedy and I will continue to deal with her in the future.  Wonderful experience all round, and a genuinely caring person. 

Trisha, Christchurch, New Zealand

Living in Tokyo during the time of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, this followed by a series of personal traumatic experiences left me with a list of health complications. It’s been 6 months since my consultation and not only is my health back on track but Renee has given me the inspiration to live a more natural and healthy life. I’m feeling more fabulous than ever! I am now once again living abroad and her follow up Skype consultations have been extremely beneficial. Renee is truly a passionate, dedicated and an inspirational naturopath. Big thanks to you Renee!

Maiko, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

I had never been to a naturopath before and asked around for referrals. A friend of mine highly recommended Renée to be a very knowledgeable natural health care professional so I contacted Renée straight away. She returned my message very promptly and organised a time to meet with me that was at my convenience.  I found Renée very warm, kind and caring. I felt like I was able to be 100% honest with her regarding my health concerns, without being judged or having any confidentiality compromised. Her consultation was very thorough and I could see that Renée was dedicated to finding solutions that were realistic and cost effective. 

Gaia, Auckland, New Zealand

I love your posts and thanks for contributing [to KORA Organics], it is such a blessing to have you on board and for you to share your experience and what you do for others. Love Miranda xxx

Miranda Kerr, Los Angeles, USA

Renée is the kindest, most gentle and friendly being, who always makes time for absolutely anybody who asks. She has helped hundreds of thousands of people through KORA Organics with her weekly blog posts, which are incredible reads! I know everyone at KORA Organics would feel the same when I say that she covers a huge range of topics that not only excite, but educate us, in the highest possible ways. Renée has helped me come off the Contraceptive Pill, which I had been on for years to ‘clear’ my acne. Renée really helped me come off the Pill with ease, recommending a few herbs and supplements to ease my skin, detox my liver (from all the Pill nasties) and regulate my period - which all worked wonders! With Renée, you will never be let down, there is always an answer which is filled with love and energy and she will always be there to lend a helping hand, I know this because, she has never failed to help me!
Thank you Renée!!!

Ellie, Sydney, Australia

After a consultation and subsequent treatment with one of the best and well-known naturopaths in Australasia, my boyfriend experienced some sort of allergic reaction/detoxification trauma. At that stage, he, of course, had NO idea what this terrifying, angry looking and super painful rash on his face and neck was, but was in extreme discomfort. He contacted the consulting naturopath, and without a helpful response (she was quite dismissive), became agitated and totally frustrated. I called Renée, and she immediately came to the rescue. Every step she took was considered and informed, every question she asked enabled her to help find a solution. After she took extensive notes to help diagnose what the reaction may have been to, she systematically went through everything prescribed both internally and topically to determine any allergenic substances. Renée went far and above anything the initial naturopath had done to help us, and not only offered solutions and education, but counseled a very unhappy person through what was a lengthy and hardly enjoyable treatment time - providing much needed positive support he really couldn't have continued without. And, as a result, we have one healthy man on his way to almost eliminating psoriasis, chronic eczema and irritable bowel.

Nicola, Auckland, New Zealand