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Ginnaya has been a practicing yogi since her late teens and completed her first teacher training in 2004 with renowned teacher Donna Farhi. She ran a boutique yoga studio {the inner space} in Auckland from 2009 – 2011, before deciding to focus her energy on one-on-one sessions and yoga therapy. Ginnaya is currently undertaking a yoga therapy course with Svathsa Yoga of the Krishnamacharya tradition.

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While Ginnaya respects all traditions and encourages people to find a practice that suits their own body/mind, Hatha yoga is her preferred teaching style, with a focus on stripping back the practice and allowing it to unfold in the most appropriate way for the person, day, and their life phase.

Ginnaya is also a mind/body medicine practitioner with a ‘tool belt’ that allows her to work in the most appropriate way for the individual who comes to see her. This includes reiki, flower essences and energy modalities BodyTalk and Accunect. Ginnaya believes that health “is a very personal thing and two people with the same issues will have very different reasons for that issue presenting and therefore different pathways to resolve them”.

A self-confessed foodie, Ginnaya relishes rustic style food, uncomplicated flavors, fresh & seasonal and most importantly, “ food made with love and shared with laughter”. This bubbly and balanced lady is a joy to learn from and we’re so excited to have her on board to share her vast knowledge of yoga and wellbeing with our Renée Naturally community!