Thai massage, Renee Naturally
Thailand. A land of lush beauty, postcard perfect beaches and fragrant food. Twenty four hours after touchdown in this exotic location, and I’ve got the distinct feeling that I’ve... (read more)
natural skincare, Renee Naturally
‘It’s what’s inside that counts.’ This commonly used mantra may be true on so many levels, but when it comes to the human body, we often overlook the physical wonder that is our... (read more)
Cardamom, Orange & Almond Cupcakes, Renee Naturally
It seems that ever since ‘Sex and the City’s’ Miranda and Carrie talked crushes while stuffing themselves with the now infamous Magnolia bakery delights, cupcakes have steadily... (read more)
Tamari Roasted Almonds, Renee Naturally
I’m pretty sure these are about the best ‘on the go’ snack out there. At the rate I was going through the store-bought packs, it was time to make my own. Easy to whip up, safe for... (read more)
Sesame Almond Crackers, Renee Naturally
These high-protein snacks are deliciously more-ish to munch on as they are, or thrown onto an antipasti platter for an original substitution to your standard crackers. While not... (read more)
Carrot Cake with Soy Cream Cheese Icing, Renee Naturally
As a (perhaps slightly odd) kid, chocolate cake really didn't do it for me, no matter if it was Barbie herself who dolled the enticing icing. However, I remember being at a friend... (read more)
Horn of Africa Crisis, Renee Naturally
“I’ll have the vegetarian Big Breakfast please with gluten-free bread and a spicy soy chai latte. Thanks!” This was my brunch order last weekend and after munching and chatting... (read more)
Renee Naturally cooking
Millions of people worldwide are on special diets because of food intolerances or medical conditions, and with some general guidelines (and Google) it’s easy to rustle up... (read more)
Asparagus, Renee Naturally
Last week we had a look at special diets that your potential dinner guests may be on and how we can confidently whip them up a healthy meal, despite having to cut out ‘this ‘n... (read more)
Yoga pose, Renee Naturally
I’ve been on a real yoga buzz recently, and for someone who gets bored of exercise routines really quickly, it excites me to know that there are just so many different types of... (read more)