We are so tremendously blessed to have a talented team of experts share their vast knowledge and skills with us here in the Renée Naturally community! Get to know our blog contributors below & feel free to email them directly if you have any specific post requests! 

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As a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, and Western Medical Herbalist, Renée is working with a growing list of clients around the world, from her home country in New Zealand across Australasia, to the States and the Middle East. Her international natural health career has exposed her to many cultures and medicines, and she is now a sought after Naturopathic advisor for various established brands in both the retail food and health supplement categories.

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Lucy Slight is our green fashion and beauty guru…and she’s much more than just a pretty face. With a Bachelor of Communications degree under her (on trend) belt, she’s contributed to various publications, sharing her fashion forecasting and advice as the previous Fashion and Beauty editor for Girlfriend magazine. An apt fit considering she has been a total magazine junkie since she remembers, and was the only girl in her class who could whip up her own perfect ballet bun at age 5. 

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Fiona is an award-winning freelance journalist with an instinctive aptitude for combining science and emotion in her writings. This has led her to pen articles about health, fitness, relationships, sustainability and science for publications such as madison, Cosmos, Popular Science and the Sydney Morning Herald Online. She has loved animals, nature and words since she was a little girl who spent her weekends either horse riding, reading or at the zoo.

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Dr Harley Rushton is a second generation Chiropractor and having grown up with on-hand Chiropractic care, he was blessed with a higher level of health and function from a very young age. This upbringing inspired Harley to become a Chiropractor, as a way to help others live healthy and vital lives.

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Dr Morgan Edwards (MBBS, BSc Hons) is a qualified Medical Doctor working as an Anaesthetic Trainee in Auckland, returning home recently after 6 years of training in Australia. Her experience in the Australian healthcare sector in both primary and tertiary medicine has enabled her to broaden her skill set to include all areas of medicine, from primary preventative health to trauma and surgery to Intensive Care and Anaesthetics.  

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Victoria Spicer has a fine arts background and experience in art department, wardrobe and art-finishing for film, television and commercial work. She is currently in charge of The Art Department at ‘Running with Scissors’, an independent advertising agency in Auckland, New Zealand. There she provides artistic, stylistic and pragmatic control to ensure the agency is always presented just so. 

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Amanda Clark is a qualified, registered personal trainer and certified boxing instructor with punch and personality. As owner of Perth-based personal training company ‘She’s a Knockout’, Amanda is dedicated to empowering women to be fit, strong and confident in themselves. 

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Geva Maher grew up around the business of childcare, coming from a family of teachers and childcare centre owners, so it’s no surprise she has now carved out a successful place for herself in the industry. With vast international experience in childcare roles including long-term nanny positons, professional coaching and leadership roles within childrens’ charities, she is now in her ‘dream job’ as the Auckland Manager for KiwiOz Childcare.

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Ginnaya has been a practicing yogi since her late teens and completed her first teacher training in 2004 with renowned teacher Donna Farhi. She ran a boutique yoga studio {the inner space} in Auckland from 2009 – 2011, before deciding to focus her energy on one-on-one sessions and yoga therapy. Ginnaya is currently undertaking a yoga therapy course with Svathsa Yoga of the Krishnamacharya tradition.