Dance, run, swim, bend, ride, jump, tackle, bounce, make love, shake, stretch, pump. BENEFIT. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or take up too much of our day and it’s not all about lycra, pain and gym buffs. Vary it up, get educated, change your perspective and reap the rewards. There is always time and there will always be excuses (I make them too). Ultimately, I just can’t deny that natural post-exercise high that keeps me hooked. Get into it.

Safe Exercise During Pregnancy // By Personal Trainer Amanda Clark for Renee Naturally
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Posture & Alignment
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Yoga Resolutions 2013, Renee Naturally
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Turmeric, Renee Naturally
1)  App’y Health:
Track your sleep, calorie intake, run, mood, menstrual cycle . . . there’s an app for tracking seemingly everything health related these days.... (read more)
Lotus flowers, Renee Naturally
It’s easy to blame the madness of the season, but really it’s just modern life on hyper drive. Our lives are so jam packed on an average day, it’s no wonder that... (read more)
Yoga on Beach, Renee Naturally
This is where I hope to be of service. A well informed, (mostly) impartial guide to welcome you to your yoga mat and encourage you to keep coming back for more.Contrary to what... (read more)
Toned Back, Renee Naturally
Hmm he has a point.  A kilo is a kilo, no matter how you look at it! So what’s with the saying?It’s the standard good-friend response (“don’t... (read more)
Outdoor Bootcamp, Renee Naturally
Fitness bootcamps have grown considerably over the last few years, both in popularity and format.  While the hard-core military style sessions still exist, nowadays you can... (read more)